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Demolition often preceded construction, as is the case in a building remodel or creating a vacant lot to build a new building. Yet, the two are distinct processes—each with its own attributes.

Demolition Removal

By and large, demolition is a no holds barred process. Since the goal is complete removal of all or part of a building or other structure, those doing the work can use pretty much anything (that’s legal) to take it down. So what gets left behind is anyone’s guess. But, as you might guess, there can be some dangerous materials in the debris.

Besides all the plaster and sawdust on the ground and in the air, there could be exposed electrical wiring and old pipes, not to mention sharp nails, screws, and other metal fasteners. And, of course, there are the risks that come with an older structure that might already have been unstable when the clean-up crew does its work.

That’s why, when it comes to demolition, Lee Junk Removal uses whatever equipment it takes to do the job safely and completely. For example, our crews use air-cleaning machines and safety gear, like protective clothing and air-filtering face masks. And then, there are the various permits and other formalities that must be dealt with before the work starts.

As you can tell, it’s critical to hire professionals for this potentially hazardous work. You never know what might be inside unfamiliar walls, floors, ceilings, and other structural components. And it would take research and communication with various agencies to ensure that all the work is being done lawfully. We handle all of this for you!

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Construction Debris Removal

New construction often follows demolition—a bit cleaner due to the new materials used and, hopefully, a more organized work area to clean up and haul away what’s left. Lee Junk Removal serves contractors, handypersons, DIY homeowners, and others who build new homes or commercial buildings or renovate existing ones.

Items generally considered safe for removal with ordinary protective clothing and equipment include:

  • Concrete
  • Drywall (sheetrock) and most plaster
  • Glass
  • Old pipes
  • Old electrical wire (not live)
  • Porcelain
  • Shingles
  • Tile
  • Wood
  • And most other modern construction materials

As with the demolition removal discussed above, construction debris removal requires protective gear for cleaning areas covered with gypsum dust from sanding joint compound (“mud”) and handling sharp objects, like boards with protruding nails. There might also be skin or lung irritants, like fiberglass from wall insulation.

We also will let you know during the quote visit if we notice building materials likely to contain asbestos or other hazardous substances. We will be happy to refer you to a business that tests for these and remediates if necessary, but we won’t be able to do a removal until the test is certified “negative.”

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Our Remodel Waste Removal Process

Lee Junk Removal offers services that are safe, efficient, and eco-friendly. What’s more, our caring professionals will ensure that the demolition and construction debris is out of your way as fast as possible. So how do you get the process started? Here you go!

Step One:

You request a quote assessment at a convenient time by booking your quote appointment online or calling (239)533-0020. At that time, our team will meet you at your home or business, measure the space for the removal, and note any heavy, bulky, or other unusual items to be hauled away.

Step Two:

Our expert, unformed, and fully insured moving team arrives at your site to provide a free estimate for the work. We call 30 minutes before our arrival so you know we’re on the way and are ready to meet us. It shouldn’t take us long to write up your quote.

Step Three:

You point out where all the construction debris is. Then, we clean it up and haul it away in one of our junk removal trucks. Remember, we recycle or donate the items we collect whenever possible. We know of charitable organizations that readily accept usable lumber and partially cut drywall. Wiring and pipes can go to metal recyclers.

We Spend Our Time Helping You Save Yours

No matter what the project, large or small, if it was in your home or place of business, it needs clean-up and debris removal. You want the best debris haulers around to ensure the work is done right, without a trace of the dirt and dust remaining. You want us: Lee Junk Removal.

Many ambitious homeowners take the do-it-yourself route and get caught off-guard when they see the mess and are too exhausted to do the clean-up. And many construction contractors outsource for the clean-up. In either case, we are a popular, trustworthy, and reasonably priced option.

Don’t Sweat It.

Our staff is highly trained and well-versed in the process of C&D removal. We know that there can be concerns about bulky items, stairways, and paint jobs. We take safety seriously. That’s why we take extra care to leave your property in pristine condition, even when the load is heavy and the spaces are tight.

You can trust us to do the job right—that’s the Lee Junk Removal promise.

Why Should You Choose Lee Junk Removal?

We know there’s competition in the South Florida junk hauling market. But how many of them hold up to our impeccable quality standards? You might be surprised to learn that many junk removal businesses are not even licensed or insured! Junk removal services often do not carry insurance because the cost is too high. So we have to ask, “What is the cost of safety?”

We offer top-notch junk removal and hauling services in Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and other Lee and Collier County locations. So if you call this area home or have a business here, please consider us for all your hauling needs. Like the customers above, you will have no regrets.

Need Demolition Removal Services Now?

Why wait? Let us come and relieve you of your unwanted furniture. Whether you’re looking for junk removal services for today, tomorrow, or next month—we’ve got you covered. With Lee Junk Removal, you can expect upfront and hassle-free pricing, quick and easy scheduling, and a job well done.

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