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Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Live In Another State or I Am Not Home?2020-07-17T16:16:27+00:00

Not Home? Live in Another State?

Lee Junk Removal is familiar with the varying needs of our clients, especially when it comes time to handle business from another state.  Often, we are asked to clean up rental properties, investment properties, homes of loved ones, or simply help get a mess under control while you’re gone.  This is where we shine by providing a seamless experience for our clients to handle their junk removal needs.

Investment Properties, Distant Families, Work Constraints?

It is quite common for “the mess” to be the last thing on someones priority list to require personal attention.  For this reason, we provide our services as long as we are speaking with a property owner, have access to the home, and have a clear understanding of what is expected.  As a fully licensed and insured junk removal company, Lee Junk Removal makes your home or property a priority!  We handle a variety of scenarios without the presence of the the owner:

  • Storage unit cleanout
  • Real estate property cleanout
  • Rental property cleanout
  • Cleanout homes for sales
  • Cleanout foreclosure
  • Cleanout turnkey homes
  • Empty an entire business that moved
  • and many more…

What Else?

Trust that working with Lee Junk Removal will help provide the assurance needed when allowing a company on your property, whether commercial or personal.  We handle everything from a photo checklist, access to the property and lockup, photos upon completion, and payment by phone if necessary.  Book your next property cleanout with Lee Junk Removal!

Will Your Employees Arrive in Uniform?2020-05-29T13:56:29+00:00

Lee Junk Removal Employees Arrive Uniformed

Lee Junk Removal employees will arrive to all jobs in full uniform.  For not only the safety and security of our clients, but to maintain the professional image that Lee Junk Removal represents and believes so strongly in.  Our clients deserve the best, and that includes the best presentation.

Don’t All Junk Companies Arrive in Uniform?

Well that depends on who you’re working with.  Many local businesses do not have requirements for employees while they are on the job since the job can often be a relatively dirty one.

Why is This Important?

  • While loose fitting clothing can be comfortable for workers, it can present problems while working.  Snagging, tripping, and getting clothing caught while maneuvering is a common occurrence with loose fitting clothing.
  • Steel toe and puncture resistant, anti-slip boots help keep employees safe on the job and reduce the risk of an on-site accident.  While Lee Junk Removal is fully insured, we want to know that we have taken every precaution to keep our employees safe on the job, and at your home or business.
  • Safety and visibility for our clients is important.  By wearing company uniforms we allow our clients to quickly identify who is at their door, and who our employees are while we are on site working.  As we find ourselves working quite often alongside construction and remodel workers, furniture delivery workers, landscapers and assisted living workers it can be important to know who you’re working with.

What Else?

While junk removal isn’t the cleanest line of work, we take pride in our “white glove” service we bring to these dirty jobs.  Presentation means everything to us – this is why we show up in our beautifully wrapped, clearly identifying vehicles, with our employees dressed from head to toe in company dress code compliant attire, ready to handle whatever your junk removal needs might be.  From removing a couch, to gutting a home, Lee Junk Removal can handle all of your junk removal and hauling needs.

Is Lee Junk Removal Licensed and Insured?2020-07-17T16:16:45+00:00

Fully Licensed and Insured

We are proud to say that we are a fully licensed and insured junk removal company!  To protect not only our employees, but you and your property while our workers are working, whatever the conditions.

Aren’t All Junk Companies Licensed and Insured?

Surprisingly, many junk removal “companies” are not!  Often, junk removal service providers do not carry insurance because:

  • The cost for insurance can be high and is not offered to everyone
  • Some do not treat their profession as a business
  • They simply do not believe their customers will ask

Why is This Important?

  • If a worker is injured on a property and the company or individuals performing the job do not carry insurance the property owner is potentially liable.
  • Many managed properties require companies in this profession to be insured and carry workers compensation.
  • Employees should feel safe knowing that they are protected in the event something should happen.
  • Licensing complies with city, state, and federal regulations for conducting legal business.
  • “Cutting corners” is not a safe business practice for a variety of obvious reasons.

What Else?

It’s the right thing to do.  While hiring someone that may be able to come over and do the job may seem appealing, the potential for disaster is definitely there.  Junk removal in general is not the safest line of work, and what might save a few dollars could cost in the long run.

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Junk Removal Quality Check

We are currently able to accept all waste you may need removed with the exception of the following types of materials:

  • Paints
  • Motors and Motored Vehicles
  • Chemicals including fertilizers, aerosol cans, etc..
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