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Junk Removal and Hauling in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, and Estero

Full Service Junk Removal For Lee County


Full-Service Solution for Removing and Hauling Junk

Family Cleaning Old Furniture From Home

Two Man Teams

Expect team members of Lee Junk Removal and Estate Clearing to show up dressed professionally and ready to haul away junk for any job, big or small.

Lee Junk Removal Customers

We Do All The Lifting

We aim to please. Sit back and relax while our team carefully removes and loads anything required for the job. A white-glove junk hauling service for dirty jobs is our priority.

Lee County - Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Lehigh Acres

Service in Lee County

Proudly serving Lee County for all waste and junk removal needs, remodel waste disposal, estate clearing. If you’ve got junk, we’ve got solutions. Cities include: Bonita Springs FL, Estero FL, Fort Myers FL, and Cape Coral FL.

How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?2022-10-20T19:43:29+00:00

Junk Removal Costs Will Vary

While everyone will be different in how pricing is measure, generally speaking junk removal companies use the following guidelines:

Job Related Factors

Junk Removal companies will generally judge jobs based on three factors: Difficulty, Weight, and Volume.  As you might guess, companies will charge more for the labor involved with hand loading bricks to haul than cardboard boxes.  Similar considerations include difficulties added by difficulties once on the property.  Garage access is usually at the lowest end of removal costs, while a condo the 20th story of a building may have extra costs due to the added difficulty.

  • Volume (space taken in the truck)
  • Weight
  • Difficulty

Economic Factors

As with any business, as times change so must a business.  With economic fluctuations there will always be an impact to pricing in one direction or the other.  This includes but would not be limited to:

  • Fuel Costs
  • Cost Of Living Increases
  • Wage Increases
  • Disposal Fees

What Else?

Not every junk removal company will run the same.  Many smaller outfits will need to charge more because of the time spent en route to and from a customers property or because of limited size of their truck or trailer space.  Lee Junk Removal has the largest trucks in the industry and runs a fleet locally across the county so that we are not only nearby, but we’ve got the space to do the job.

Will Your Employees Arrive in Uniform?2020-05-29T13:56:29+00:00

Lee Junk Removal Employees Arrive Uniformed

Lee Junk Removal employees will arrive to all jobs in full uniform.  For not only the safety and security of our clients, but to maintain the professional image that Lee Junk Removal represents and believes so strongly in.  Our clients deserve the best, and that includes the best presentation.

Don’t All Junk Companies Arrive in Uniform?

Well that depends on who you’re working with.  Many local businesses do not have requirements for employees while they are on the job since the job can often be a relatively dirty one.

Why is This Important?

  • While loose fitting clothing can be comfortable for workers, it can present problems while working.  Snagging, tripping, and getting clothing caught while maneuvering is a common occurrence with loose fitting clothing.
  • Steel toe and puncture resistant, anti-slip boots help keep employees safe on the job and reduce the risk of an on-site accident.  While Lee Junk Removal is fully insured, we want to know that we have taken every precaution to keep our employees safe on the job, and at your home or business.
  • Safety and visibility for our clients is important.  By wearing company uniforms we allow our clients to quickly identify who is at their door, and who our employees are while we are on site working.  As we find ourselves working quite often alongside construction and remodel workers, furniture delivery workers, landscapers and assisted living workers it can be important to know who you’re working with.

What Else?

While junk removal isn’t the cleanest line of work, we take pride in our “white glove” service we bring to these dirty jobs.  Presentation means everything to us – this is why we show up in our beautifully wrapped, clearly identifying vehicles, with our employees dressed from head to toe in company dress code compliant attire, ready to handle whatever your junk removal needs might be.  From removing a couch, to gutting a home, Lee Junk Removal can handle all of your junk removal and hauling needs.

What If I Live In Another State or I Am Not Home?2020-07-17T16:16:27+00:00

Not Home? Live in Another State?

Lee Junk Removal is familiar with the varying needs of our clients, especially when it comes time to handle business from another state.  Often, we are asked to clean up rental properties, investment properties, homes of loved ones, or simply help get a mess under control while you’re gone.  This is where we shine by providing a seamless experience for our clients to handle their junk removal needs.

Investment Properties, Distant Families, Work Constraints?

It is quite common for “the mess” to be the last thing on someones priority list to require personal attention.  For this reason, we provide our services as long as we are speaking with a property owner, have access to the home, and have a clear understanding of what is expected.  As a fully licensed and insured junk removal company, Lee Junk Removal makes your home or property a priority!  We handle a variety of scenarios without the presence of the the owner:

  • Storage unit cleanout
  • Real estate property cleanout
  • Rental property cleanout
  • Cleanout homes for sales
  • Cleanout foreclosure
  • Cleanout turnkey homes
  • Empty an entire business that moved
  • and many more…

What Else?

Trust that working with Lee Junk Removal will help provide the assurance needed when allowing a company on your property, whether commercial or personal.  We handle everything from a photo checklist, access to the property and lockup, photos upon completion, and payment by phone if necessary.  Book your next property cleanout with Lee Junk Removal!

Is Lee Junk Removal Licensed and Insured?2020-07-17T16:16:45+00:00

Fully Licensed and Insured

We are proud to say that we are a fully licensed and insured junk removal company!  To protect not only our employees, but you and your property while our workers are working, whatever the conditions.

Aren’t All Junk Companies Licensed and Insured?

Surprisingly, many junk removal “companies” are not!  Often, junk removal service providers do not carry insurance because:

  • The cost for insurance can be high and is not offered to everyone
  • Some do not treat their profession as a business
  • They simply do not believe their customers will ask

Why is This Important?

  • If a worker is injured on a property and the company or individuals performing the job do not carry insurance the property owner is potentially liable.
  • Many managed properties require companies in this profession to be insured and carry workers compensation.
  • Employees should feel safe knowing that they are protected in the event something should happen.
  • Licensing complies with city, state, and federal regulations for conducting legal business.
  • “Cutting corners” is not a safe business practice for a variety of obvious reasons.

What Else?

It’s the right thing to do.  While hiring someone that may be able to come over and do the job may seem appealing, the potential for disaster is definitely there.  Junk removal in general is not the safest line of work, and what might save a few dollars could cost in the long run.

Junk Removal Services


Five Star
Junk Removal ServicesLicensed and Insured Junk Removal Service

If you’re looking for a Fort Myers Junk Removal, Cape Coral Junk Removal, Estero Junk Removal, or Bonita Springs Junk Removal Services from a company that takes prides customer satisfaction, professionalism and promptness, look no further than Junk Removal and Estate Clearing of Lee County.
We understand life’s busy schedules, and we work to anticipate and exceed our clients needs. This is why we are available for work 24/7 and are always ready to show up on time, and ready to complete jobs to our clients satisfaction. Our goal is to be considered a top Junk Removal and Hauling company in Lee County.
Whether you have a cluttered garage, storage unit, or it’s the last day to clear a property before a real estate closing, we are here to help. That means we remove junk from any, and everywhere. We welcome you to call, text, or request a quote online and let us remove those unwanted items. We are proud to offer the best home junk removal prices in SWFL.

Text or Call (239) 533-0020

Construction and Debris Disposal

  • Flooring Removal and Disposal

  • Roofing Material Disposal

  • Asphalt Disposal

  • Cardboard and Packing Materials Disposal

  • Concrete Removal and Disposal

  • Drywall Disposal

  • Glass Disposal

  • Plastic Recycling and Disposal

  • Siding Disposal

  • Yard Waste Removal

  • Debris Removal

Furniture Removal and Disposal

Appliance Removal, Recycling, and Disposal

Electronic Disposal and Recycling

  • Old TV Removal and Disposal
  • Computer Disposal

  • Monitors Disposal

  • Printers Disposal

  • Arcade Games Disposal

  • Sound System Disposal

Cleanout Services

  • House Clean Outs
  • Estate Clean Outs
  • Storage Unit Cleanouts
  • Commercial Property Cleanouts
  • Rental Property Clean Out

Junk Got You Down?

Junk Removal and Estate Clearing of Lee County proudly offers:

Junk Removal Service in Estero, FL | Junk Removal Service in Bonita Springs, FL | Junk Removal Service in Fort Myers, FL | Junk Removal Service in Cape Coral, FL | Junk Removal Service in Lehigh Acres, FL | Junk Removal Service in Collier, FL

No job is too big, no job is too small. Our junk haulers are known for meeting and exceeding clients needs and beating expectation for all junk, donation, garbage or construction waste demands of the county is what we strive for. Give us a call when you’re ready to clear your home or office.

Estate Clearing Services

Homes in Transition

  • Recently Purchase

  • Recently Sold

  • Remodeling Projects

  • Foreclosures and Short Sales

  • Home or Business
  • Storage Units

  • Investment Property

Disaster Cleanup

  • Water Damage

  • Fire Damage

Need to Clear an Entire Home?

Prompt, Professional Estate Clearing Services

Looking for a local estate clearing service? Do you need to get rid of unwanted junk? Junk Removal and Estate Clearing of Lee County is aware and respectful of time sensitive projects like estate clearing. We offer free estimates, and well below average prices on our estate cleanout services. Whether a remodel project needs an on-site waste removal solution for a weekend or a home needs to be cleared to close out new home sale, we’ve got you covered.

Estate Clearing Service in Lee and Collier County


Junk Removal Simplified

With our simple process we can take you from clutter, to clean home in no time. Professionalism and punctuality are our top priorities.


Jaime B.

“I can’t express how grateful I am for this company. I needed my office cleaned out in a short amount of time. I called them for an estimate, they showed up early and told me they could get the job done in one day. This is an 8 room office.
I’ve lived in FL for 17 years and know how most companies operate…….on Florida time with estimates that rarely turn out to be true. Then I found out they were from the Philadelphia area.
I’ve never seen 2 guys work so hard for so long. It quickly became clear that the price they charged me was fantastic. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Morgan S.

“I had the pleasure of working with Greg and his team with helping my grandparents clear out their new remodeled apartment before moving in. They provided excellent pricing, were so professional, and did an outstanding job! My grandparents and I are very happy with their services.”

B. Stro.

“What a great service experience. Much better and more affordable than 1800Junk or other removal shops. The owners are friendly and took great care while removing our junk. Will use them again for sure!”

Christine O.

“WOW! If I could give the guys a 10 star review I would! FINALLY A SERVICE COMPANY THAT SERVICES THEIR CLIENTS :)
I called on a Thursday they arrived on that Saturday…we bought an estate home that needed to be cleared out by Sunday. In a panic about the move I asked Jordan how the removal process works. His response was “YOU NEED TO DO NOTHING. WE WILL HANDLE EVERYTHING, YOUR JOB IS BE STRESS-FREE THAT’S WHY YOU HIRED US” And that exactly what happened.
Arriving on time, clean from head to toe (being a clean freak I was very impressed)! I can’t say enough good things about this company!! The guys were very concerned about our needs. Making sure throughout the day we were happy.
Price was great worth every single penny!!!! I can’t say enough great things about this company! If you need a chair removed or whole house removal these ARE THE GUYS FOR YOU.
I will definitely give them my business again and putting them on our TOP VENDOR LIST IN MY COMMUNITY. Thanks so much for your hard work guys…YOUR VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER CCO.”

Kirk J.

“Jordan and Greg were incredible. I had sent an email inquiring about a quote and within minutes I heard from Jordan. To my amazement they were able to come by our recently purchased condo within two hours. They gave me a very reasonable quote which I immediately accepted and off to work they went.
Within 45 minutes they had everything cleared. I rarely do reviews but if you’re looking for a company to remove your junk, these guys should be at the top of your list. They were polite, prompt and professional.
You will not be disappointed. One more thing; after they loaded everything in the truck, they came back and swept the entire garage.”

Emily L.

“I highly recommend this company! Fast and efficient, I would hire again in a heartbeat. Best junk removal in Naples. I called and they came the same day! Couldn’t be happier with the service”


“I recently moved to naples and had a garage full of junk in left over from the previous owner. I talked to Jordan to see if he can help with his junk removal company.
They came by cleared out the whole garage in a short amount of time. I couldn’t believe it. The best part about it is they were fast and left the garage clean. Amazing ! Definitely using them again. Thanks again Jordan.”

Kerry H.

“I would like to start out by saying this was the best experience I’ve had with a junk removal company, and I’ve needed quite a few. I have called other companies and it seemed like I consistently got the run around on the phone, if anyone even answered.
I needed a company that could remove like 40 very large boxes and pallets that I had new furniture for my salon arrive in. My huge parking lot was filled with trash and these guys came by, packed it up, cleaned up the leftover mess, and drove off.
I feel like these guys are timely and efficient in making this process less of a headache. I will definitely refer them to my friends and use their services again in the future.”

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